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"An education is n't how much you have committed to memory, or even how much you know. It's being able to differentiate between what you knowand whatyou don't".
Sahil Study Circle was established by Mr. Satish Kr. Suri, A resource person for chemistry in 1990. From a handful of students then, Sahil has today grown to an Institution with 16 branches spread all over the country and Nepal, imparting quality education for aspirants of Medical & Engineering entrances Mr. Satish Kr. Suri started his career as a school teacher with a government school in Delhi. He joined N.D.M.C. Navyug School in the year 1977 as a chemistry teacher and went on to become the head of department. Mr. Suri has also been associated with CBSE as a member ofthe syllabus committee for three sessions ofthree years each. Devoted to the course ofeducation. Mr. Suri's keenness to instify an urge amongst the young eligible students to excel in competition for entrance reflects in the choice of Sahil's Faculty as well as its curriculum.
Analysis ofSahil's results during the past is a testimony to the fact that there has been a steady growth of selections ofSahilians to the Medical & Engineering Entrances. As a matter offact, with the selection of more than 80% Sahil isjustifiable called the No.1 Institute.

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