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2–years Integrated course for ISEET/IIT-JEE

Course commences from 1st week of April and continues till mid-May’ in the next to next year.

Stronger the foundation, better the structure! For all those aspiring to join the science stream, it is recommended that they make a head start and begin preparations as early as class XI. As a matter of fact the syllabus of class XI forms an integral part of the Entrance Exams.

This course is divided into two academic sessions. During the first, emphasis is laid on the syllabus of XI in relation to its importance in the Ent. Exams. Regular class tests are conducted on the objective & subjective pattern to evaluate the performance of students. The entire course is completed by the end of Jan. After the students are given off till March-end in order to let them engage in self preparation for class finals. However, students who are keen on visiting the institute during this period in order to get their doubts clarified, can coordinate with the concerned Heads of Departments.

The second academic session will start from the1st week of April the following year. During this session, emphasis will be laid on the syllabus of class oard exams as well as Entrance Exams. Students are subjected to rigorous classroom tests on objective & subjective pattern, regularly. Students also undergo a special revision test series which helps them revise and further strengthen their hold on the class syllabus taught in the first session. To facilitate their preparation for the Board Exams, the students are given off in the months of January and February. These students re-join by the end of March for a final burst of preparation. Students are exposed to tests for various Entrance Exams which are conducted on the pattern of all major Entrance Examinations. Again, constant interaction between the faculty and the student is encouraged to promote discussions on various Entrance Examinations of the previous years.

This course is directed towards building a strong foundation through development of basic concepts with the aid of analytical and scientifically developed course content. It helps the student improve his/her concept application skills & also builds up his/her confidence. Each student is provided with the study material and assignments on all topics. The material is prepared by highly experienced & qualified faculty members and is updated in accordance with the current syllabus.

Class type: 2-years Integrated Course
Course For: Engineering
Eligibility: Xth Passed
location: All Centres

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